AT&T AARP Discount and Enrollment - AT&T Senior Discount

Admin 2/01/2020
AT&T Wireless customers who have active AARP membership cand get 10% discount on their monthy charges from AT&T. To know more about AT&T AARP enrollment, limitations keep reading.

AT&T AARP Discount

AT&T AARP Discount

The %10 AT&T AARP discount is applied to the monthly service charges qualified AT&T cell phone plans, and shared plans that include more than 300 Mega Bytes of data.

The AARP AT&T discount doesn’t apply for overages, shared phone plans with data less300 Mega Bytes. Also is eligible for one monthly device access charges.

If you recieve some other discounts from AT&T Wireless, you may not eligible to get that AARP discount.

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AT&T AARP Enrollment

To enroll to the AT&T AARP discount
  • You should be a current ARRP member.
  • You should be able to verify that membership.
  • You need to go to an AT&T store or authorized retailer to confirm your membership, or you can verify it by visiting AT&T website
  • You’ll get the discount in a period up to 2 bill cycles from your enrollment date.

If you are not a current AT&T customer you can get an AARP membership, which costs less than $20 per year and start geting discount on your cell phone bill with AT&T Wireless and save some money. Also with the AARP membership you can get valuable discounts from other cell phone service providers such as Consumer Cellular.

AT&T Senior Discount

AT&T offers the 65 plus nation 200 plans as a target for senior citizens 65 years or older. To know more about this plan you can check out the AT&T senior plans 2021.
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