AT&T AARP Discount and Cricket AARP Deal

Admin 11/25/2017
AARP members can get 10% as AT&T AARP discount on their monthly service charges. If you’re one of the AARP members who have an active membership, you can get the discount also, if you are not an AT&T member you can switch now and enjoy the benefits of this offer. Of course, the offer has some limitations, which declared in this article and here you will also find a guide to show you how to subscribe to the AT&T AARP discount offer and will show you how to get AARP phone discount from Cricket.

AT&T AARP Discount

AT&T AARP Discount Explain

The discount applied to:

  • A recurring monthly service charge of qualified talk and data plans.
  • For shared plans, applied to a monthly service charge of plans with data more than 300MB.
  • Add one restr’s.

Doesn’t apply to:

  • Overages.
  • For shared plans, applied to a monthly service charge of plans with data less than 300MB.
  • Add one monthly device access charges.
  • With some other service discounts.

How to Subscribe

To enjoy the AT&T AARP discount, you should be a current AARP member and have a valid membership card. Visit the nearest AT&T store or authorized retailer and confirm your membership. To save your time, locate the nearest corporate store and take an appointment online or by calling 888.998.8310 that will save you some time when you arrive at the AT&T store and then you can mention the AARP discount Code, which is 6039461.The second available option is to prove your membership via website and subscribe in the AT&T AARP discount under your account.  In case of you succeed to confirm your eligibility the 10% discount applied in a period up to 2 bill cycles. For more information, you can visit the

AARP Membership

The AARP membership is available for people over 50 years old for about $16 per year or even less in case of you subscribed for multiple years at a time. AARP discounts exist in many fields such as medical, insurance, travel, and car rental; not only in the cell phone services.

AARP members can get discounts from other telephone and cell phone service providers such as Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless.

Check out the AARP phone plans

On the other hand, AT&T offers other FAN discounts (when a school or company has an agreement with AT&T Wireless to offer a specific discount to that school's students or company's employees). The FAN discount may apply to the monthly phone bill, the cell phone price, and on the accessories.

Note: the AT&T AARP discount is available through an agreement between AARP and AT&T Wireless, and it applies as long as the agreement is active.

Cricket Wireless AARP Phone Deal

Cricket AARP Deal

Cricket Wireless is offering special deals for AARP members. The deal is if you are an active AARP member you can save a $20 mail-in rebate Cricket Visa Card when buying a new smartphone from Cricket. Below we will explain how it works.

  • The offer is available for up to 5 lines per AARP ID.
  • The Visa Card is only valid in the United States.
  • Current customers are eligible for the offer for only one phone every two years.
  • For both new and current customers, they should pay the second payment within 45 days of activation.
  • You should buy the phone through Cricket's online website, Cricket-owned stores, or Cricket exclusive retail locations only.
  • Rebate form should fill and mailed within 60 days of the device activation.
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