Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2021

Admin 2/20/2020
As rapidly growing of phones technology and variety of confusing cell phone plans, which ignored the needs of seniors who often desire a simple option that allows a senior citizen only to make and receive calls. The best cell phone plans for seniors should be less complicated plans that provide more value at affordable prices. If you are planning to keep things simple and affordable, here we discuss the best cell phone plans for seniors including plans that are recommended by best cell phone plans for seniors 2021.
best service plans for seniors

Nowadays, an increasing number of senior citizens are turning to cell phones as an alternative to using the traditional lines. Luckily, now there are many companies which catering the senior citizen needs and provide an excellent and straightforward cell phone plans for seniors.

Best Cell phone plans for seniors 2021

AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

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Consumer Cellular
This company is targeting the senior market and also offer a range of simple to use phones. It is run on the AT&T network, that grantee a good coverage and reception. Consumer Cellular also provides simple, cheap plans that catering the needs of senior citizens. Their plans start at just $15 per month, for 250 anytime minutes.

But there are other monthly plans come with minutes such as the next least expensive plan, which cost $15 per month and includes 200 minutes of calling time. To get more minutes they offer plans with more minutes, so, you can choose the package that fits your needs until $60 per month with 5000 minutes.

Text messaging and internet data is also available, but separated from the call plans, and begin at $2.5 per month for 100 messages and 10 MB. Also, AARP members can get AARP cell phones discounted plans. This company is one of the fewest providers offer senior cell phones, the Consumer Cellular phones for seniors are the Doro PhoneEasy 626 and the Doro EasySmart.

Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Jitterbug is a complete package provider for the senior citizens. Jitterbug Company cares about the seniors market needs. They provide both the cell phone that is designed to meet the seniors' needs and make them use it comfortably since it includes many excellent features such as voice dial for quick access to contacts and powerful speakers which deliver loud, clear sound, besides providing service with an appeal for senior citizens. You can get their package for $99 monthly fee and  $39 activation fee. Also, you can get medication reminders for an extra $10 per month, besides that, you can have access to a medical service live 24 hours a day. GreatCall is the Jitterbug phone service provider, check the GreatCall Jitterbug phone plans review.

For the senior citizens with family members living out the united states, Total-Call-Mobile offers free international calls to at least 30 countries, unlike the most of cellphone providers who are only targeting exceptional services to callers within the United States. They also offer another plan called anytime plan, which provides a 10 cent per minute to any country.

These represented plans are some of the best senior phone plans 2021.
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