Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Admin 12/04/2017
In the AARP cell phones blog we'll preview the Best Senior Citizen Cell Phones. Senior citizens now depend on cell phones to keep in contact with their families and friends and also for emergency and health care services. Seniors usually use cell phones for making and receiving calls, so they need simplified and basic phones that are easy to use. We'll discuss that types below in the cheap cell phones for seniors and best cell phones for seniors which come with limited features and is designed with seniors in mind like to be easy to read and hear.

Also, there are some manufacturers are designing simplified smartphones for seniors, which come with simple, user-friendly home screens to make it easy for seniors to access the phone features,  we also preview this type in that article. Also, there is a free cell phone for seniors that are provided by a government program; you can check if you are qualified or not.
Cheap Cell Phones for Seniors

Nokia 106
Nokia 106 represent a cheap cell phone for seniors who don’t want to pay much; it is unlocked Dual-Band GSM cell phone, which uses the GSM carriers only such as AT&T and T-Mobile. This phone is a basic cell phone comes with medium size buttons,  loudspeaker, built in FM Radio which may be a preferable option by many elder citizens and built-in flashlight. The Nokia 106 is available for only $29.99.

Consumer Cellular Envoy
Consumer Cellular Envoy considered a simple flip design phone that has more than the limited features provided by a basic cell phone; it provides features like MP3 player, 2.0MP  camera, Bluetooth, availability of internet access and support  MicroSD card. This device is Hearing-Aid compatible; it’s a useful feature for most of the seniors. The Consumer Cellular Envoy is available through Consumer Cellular for only $35 with a Consumer Cellular plans.

If you need a simple, easy to use cell phone Alcatel THE BIG EASY is your perfect choice, this phone is launched by Tracefone, the phone comes with big lighted keypad buttons, large font size, built-in flashlight and also FM Radio. The Hearing Aid Compatible feature is one of the best features of this phone. This phone is available for only $39.99.

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

Here we preview two of the best cell phones designed with seniors in mind.

Jitterbug 5 
Samsung builds jitterbug 5 and launched by GreatCall which is a company that caters the seniors market; this phone has perfect features for seniors. Features like big keypad buttons with backlit, good contrast color display with big, easy to read numbers and characters, additional external screen, loudspeakers, hands-free, voice calling and is also hearing aid compatible. You can easily navigate through the menus by yes or no buttons. The Jitterbug phone is available for $99.

GreatCall also provides many useful cell phone plans for seniors and offers care services like the 5Star Urgent Response service, which connect you to a Response Agent to help you as 24/7 Monitoring Service by pressing the five button and the start button on your Jitterbug 5 keypad.

Recommended best cell phones for seniors 2019
Snapfōn ezTWO
Snapfōn ezTWO is another cell phone designed with seniors in mind by the Snapfōn company. It is a senior-friendly phone with many more great features. Features such as big keypad buttons, speed dial keys, SOS Emergency Alert button, loudspeaker, built-in LED flash, is a hearing aid compatible phone, this well-designed cell phone is available for $39.99 with any of Snapfon plans or $89.99, and you can choose the carrier you prefer.

Smartphones for Seniors

Here we will review two of the best smartphones for seniors.

Pantech Flex
Pantech Flex is an Android touch cell phone that is simplified to meet the senior's low experience with technology. This phone is launched by AT&T, if you access the Easy Experience mode, you get an easy to use interface and easily navigate the menus, this smartphone also provides features like text prediction for faster writing and voice commands and dialing. You can get the Pantech Flex from AT&T for only one dollar and 2-year contract plan.

Samsung Touch3
The Jitterbug Touch 3 is another Android touch cell phone launched by GreatCall company with a simple design with a senior-friendly interface that makes it easy for senior with low experience to navigate through the phone menus and services. It provides easy access to the healthcare service, emergency notification, and make the seniors monitored merely by their families or friends. The Samsung Touch3 is available for $169.99

Free Cell Phones for Seniors

If you are a senior who lives on a fixed income below %135 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or receive government assistance, you can get a free cell phone from the SafeLink program, which is a government-sponsored program, for more details and to check if you are qualified or not.
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