Verizon AARP Discount - Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Admin 12/12/2018
Verizon Wireless offers the Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan as the discounted Verizon senior plan. For who is asking for a Verizon AARP discount the answer is at the current time there is no AARP Verizon discount. Let's preview the available Verizon Wireless cell phone plans for seniors.

Verizon AARP Discount

Verizon AARP Discount

Verizon’s Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus

As it's evident in this plan name, this plan is only available for seniors older than 65 years. With a monthly fee of $29.99, you get 200 minutes and 500 minutes on nights and weekends on the Single-Line Plan anytime, and you will pay $0.20 per text message and $0.25 for the multimedia message. As you see the Verizon nationwide, 65 plus plan is best for seniors who use the phone most of the time.

AARP Cell Phone Discount Verizon
The Verizon plan is 2-year contract plan with a $35 activation fee, so your reminder minutes went by the end of the month. This plan provides a broader coverage plan with no local long distance charges.

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Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular runs on the Verizon Wireless network, and provide the standard plan which considered one of the cheapest plans. You get 100 minutes you can use anytime throughout 120 days for only $10, you will also get the benefits of the rollover option, this makes that plan inexpensive and also more flexible.

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