Consumer Cellular AARP

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Consumer Cellular is (MVNO) Mobile Virtual Network Operator that focused on the senior market and is the official AARP provider. It offers a cheap cell phone plans with a good coverage and connectivity on the AT&T network, they Anywhere plan with $10 with no minutes, the minute will cost you 25 cents, Anywhere 200 plan, which gives you 200 minutes at any time for only $14.99 per month. Text messaging is available separately, starting at $2.50 per month for 100 messages.

Consumer Cellular AARP

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Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell phones are essential for any person, especially for the senior citizens, cheap cell phone plans may be a good choice for seniors with fixed income and need to decrease their spending. But cheap plans don’t always represent the best choices. A good cell phone plans for seniors are that plans you can get at an affordable price and provide good value.

Cell phone providers that offer many cell phone plans for seniors. We recommend the nationwide prepaid cell phone plans, so, you get good coverage and reception from one of the major four networks and control your payments and are free to switch from a service provider to another, here we provide a table to compare between some of the best national prepaid plans.

Compare Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell phone plans for seniors offered with extensive range options and prices. When you are choosing your plan, you have to estimate your needs and then check out the available cell phone plans for seniors. In fact, to have the best plan and price you have to compare between the plans that provide options that fit your needs, don’t participate in the famous plans or the first plan you hear about, you have to choose after comparing these plans, that will save you a lot of money.

Consumer Cellular AARP Discounts

Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network, that grantee a good coverage and connectivity. Consumer Cellular Anywhere represent one of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans for seniors. It comes in a variety of plans that start with an Anywhere Casual plan, which cost you $9.5 per month and only pay for minutes if you use them for 23.75 cents per minute. Go for it if you use your phone rarely, if not you can get Anywhere 200 plan, which gives you 200 minutes at any time for only $14.25 per month. AARP members can get 5% monthy discount on the service plans and up to 30% discounts on the phone accessories. 
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