Sprint Plans for Seniors - 55+ Senior Plan 2021

Admin 4/22/2020
Sprint 55+ Senior Plan is one of the 55+ unlimited plans offered by the major networks in the United states. Recently we reviewed both the Verizon 55+ and the T-Mobile 55+ Unlimited senior plans. And now is the time to review the avialable Sprint plans for seniors, which called Sprint 55 plus unlimited senior plans and from its name it is targeting people who are 55 years old and up.
Sprint Plans for Seniors

Sprint Plans for Seniors 2021

Below we’re going to disscuss the Sprint unlimited 55 plus plan for seniors but this is not the only way for senior citizens to get discount from Sprint Wireless. You can check out the Sprint AARP discounts, and the Sprint AAA discounts to save more.

Sprint 55+ Plan Review - Sprint Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

With the Sprint 55 plus plan you get up to two lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for discounted prices. You pay $50 per month for the first line and $20 per month for the second line with autopay. The autopay service save you $5/line every month. With the Sprint unlimited plans for seniors you can save up to $30 less than the standard Sprint unlimited plans that offer two lines for $100/month.

Sprint 55 Plus Plan Features

  • Unlimited Talk, Text, 4G LTE high-speed data.
  • You can stream video in DVD-quality (up to 480p).
  • You can stream music at up to 500kbps.
  • Global Roaming (with slow data speeds) in over 185 countries.
  • You can stream cloud gaming at up to 2Mbps.
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot at 3G speeds.

How Much Sprint 55 Plus Plan Cost?

  • First line for $50/ month with autopay, or $55/ month without autopay.
  • Second line for $20/ month with autopay, or $25/ month without autopay.
  • You will pay $30 upfront.

Is Sprint senior plan avialable for every one? That will covered below.
Sprint Wireless offes this discounted plan for new customers who are 55 years or older.


  • only the account holder must be 55 years old or up.
  • The Sprint 55+ plan is available in-store only. 

Check out the Sprint flip phones for seniors

Is the Sprint 55 plus plan right for you?

If Sprint Wireless has a good coverage in your area, you may consider this unlimited plan. To get two unlimited lines from one of the major netwoks for only $70 per month (the per-line cost for two lines is $35/month) is a big deal. If the coverage represents a problem you can check out different alternatives such as the verizon 55 plus and the T-Mobile 55 plus plans.
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