No Contract Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2021 - Prepaid Plans

Admin 9/27/2021
Most of the senior citizens are living on fixed income and need to use cell phones to get safety and security, so here we will preview the no-contract and the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors. Also, we preview some of the under $10 cell phone plans for seniors who need plans to suit their little cell phone use or looking for safety. Some of the lesser known companies offer a low cost, basic plans that suite the senior citizens and provide a good coverage, since, they use the major carriers’ networks.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2021

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Consumer Cellular - No Contract Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

The Consumer Cellular company is an MVNO that runs on the AT&T, and T-Mobile networks; this company is targeting the senior market and offers cell phone plans catering to the seniors' needs. Consumer Cellular offers affordable no-contract cell phone plans for seniors. The cheapest plan will cost you $20 a month with 250 minutes, unlimited text, and 500 MB of high-speed data, it’s a good choice for seniors to stay connected and use their phones in emergency situations. With Consumer Cellular all the phone plans comes with unlimited text and you can get phone plans with limited talk minutes (250 minutes) and a big amount of data, or get unlimited talk and a small amount of data for the same price. To know more, you can check out the T-Mobile plans 2021

PureTalk runs on the nationwide AT&T network. It offers the simple plans, which start with the Simple 80, which provide 80 anytime minutes for only $5 per month, this is one of the cheapest plans that seniors can get and is suitable for seniors who don’t want to pay for text messages.

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The Value Plus Mobile company provides a cheap plans with nationwide coverage, the emergency cell phone plan will cost you only $5.99 per month, this prepaid plan will give you 30 anytime minutes with good coverage and reception. This plan is suitable for light cell phone senior users and also for emergency calls to provide safety and security. You can also check Value Plus Mobile senior cell phone plans which start as little as $9.99 and provide 60 anytime minutes. Also, you can check out SafeLink Wireless phones

Tracefone offers the most affordable cell phone plans for seniors and uses all of the four major carriers' networks in the US, which are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprintnetworks. It offers pay as you go plans, which are prepaid plans that start with the $19.99 per month plan, that give you 60 anytime minutes for 90 days with the rollover option for the unused minutes, this is a really good affordable cell phone plan for senior citizens, including no long distance charges.
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